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How does the nominating committee publish it's proposal on the page?
By setting a nominees answer status for a position to "Committee proposal". The change is instantly published in the gallery upon save and the nominee is notified by e-mail. People that are part of committee proposal is always sorted to the top of the gallery.
I'm listed in the gallery as a nominee but I haven't received any e-mail about it?
If the person that nominated you stated the wrong e-mail address you won't receive the login information that enables you to answer the nomination and the questionnaire. Contact the nominating committee, they can easily correct your e-mail address. Contact information for the nominating committee is found on the info page.
I'm listed twice or more in the nominee gallery?
If you have been nominated through more than one e-mail address the nominating committee can help you to merge the duplicates so that all of your nominations end up on one single user account.
A person has been nominated on two different e-mail addresses and two user accounts has been created. How do I merge these to one account?
Use the tool "Merge duplicate" that can be found under "Edit user account" at the bottom of each nominee (when you are logged in to your admin account). Work on the nominee account that you want to remove and select the nominee account that should remain.
A person has been nominated with the wrong e-mail address and is unable to login. Is it possible to correct the address?
Use the tool "Change e-mail address" that can be found under "Edit user account" at the bottom of each nominee (when you are logged in to your admin account). Login instructions is sent automatically as soon as you save the new address.
Will the person I nominate see my name and information?
No. Only the nominating committee will be able to see who has submitted the nomination.
Is it possible to change the last part of our page URL?
No, not on your own. If you misspelled during page setup or for some other reason need to change the chosen URL you need to contact support.